So, Where Am I Going With This

LikeLife Images is part of what I do. Actually it’s an awful lot of what I do.

I wanted to bring some structure to my tg photography. I wanted to move myself on from snapping to really working and crafting images, and from there to further projects and a wider exploration of my gender identity and gender as a whole. But first things first. Little steps at the beginning. I drastically reduced the time I spent making landscape or outdoor images and focussed (haha) on myself.

I’d always considered myself to be a poor transvestite as I just didn’t seem to take as many photos of myself as other girls. I don’t know why that was. Possibly something to do with not having the time to commit to making the image I wanted. Anyway, going back to look at myself again and making self-portraits turned out to be tremendous fun and very fulfilling. I also wanted to make portraits of others, beginning with male to female crossdressers/transvestites/transsexuals. I wanted to try and capture their emotional experience of being.

So that become a small photographic enterprise in itself. I wanted a name that was positive and that didn’t play on any words beginning with Trans as I think that’s just a cliche. LikeLife Images was born around the turn of 2011/12. I’d ben playing around with some potential names and discussing it with friends, but in the end some non-TG work forced the issue. I had about 30 seconds to decide on a name for a credit by a Brighton burlesque performer so I settled on LikeLife as my favourite.

More recently we've seen the expansion of the brand beyond a Facebook page onto it's own website and more and more collaborations with other artists.

So off we went. I have an inkling of the route but most of the fun is in the journey.

#transgender #transvestite #photographyphilosophy #photography #burlesque

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