The Invented Time

This is a republication of a post I originally made on Wordpress.

I don’t take self-portraits of myself as a woman as single, stand alone image. To me they remain frozen moments of a true life lived. Certainly I get to invent this life to a great degree, but in my head she doesn’t go away and all these individual points are linked by unseen events in a linear sense. Just like any real life.

So how does this glamorous, but maybe abandoned blonde, in lingerie and a man’s dinner jacket move to this?

A hippy aesthetic in a rural sunset location. Or on to this everyday woman on Brighton seafront in inclement weather?

What caused her to dye her hair, change its length and style along with her own style? What events and experiences have piled up in this lifetime? I fill in the gaps, as can any viewer of my work. That’s the Invented Time.

#transvestite #selfportrait #photographyphilosophy #transgender

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