Just a little bit about me...


Ashley Davison is my femme name.  I’m transgender/transvestite/whatever and in my head I have an image and sensation of a woman who never quite was. This is my attempt to give her some sort of form, substance and existence.


I’m a photographer as well, and probably have been ever since people first liked the composition of one of my snaps when I was a child. I work in both the cis and trans fields, and have done so for several years. The subjects can be very different but my overall philosophies remain pretty much the same.


I believe that art is an act of communication, and that photographs are emotions. Whatever I make an image of I want to try and convey what I’m feeling in that instant.

LikeLife works in the transgender and alternative fields across portraiture, events and commissions and has been going for several years now. It is a different, but vital, experience for me – so that the woman has a profession and a life as well.


Over the past few years I’ve been working with the Brighton neo-burlesque scene – Sirens, Blind Pig and Sugarkicks, taking event and performance photographs as well as images for their promotional material. I also work as a transvestite photographer, taking portraits of tgirls in the South East of England and have recently started collaborating with a make-up artist to host Who’s That Girl events in Crawley.

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